Design & URL FOR SALE: $815.00

Let me tell you about David Wayne Breshears II. This kid comes to me with an idea, that I develop, brand, do graphic design and create a website for, all at my own expense, and then he defrauds my credit card! I have the proof from ALLTEL. Furthermore, David W. Breshears II tries to claim that my website is some sort of scam when I've been producing for people in the DC region for over twenty years. David W. Breshears II now claims he can no longer walk and he has law suits pending. This kid is right up there with the characters of The Big Lebowski. David W. Breshears II is a thief. David W. Breshears II is a gutter scammer. Calling him a con-artist is an insult to con-artists. David W. Breshears II owes me money and he owes other people money. David W. Breshears II has several people out there who are not very fond of his lying AND every time he calls, he calls from another number. Here they are: latest- 217-690-8490. Last year's- 217-663-7746. And here is David's old number from Missouri, before he got evicted and he and his miscreant halflings ended up on the street: 417-926-7722

Stay away from David W. Breshears II, or David Wayne Breshears II, or whatever he's calling himself these days. David W. Breshears II is a bad person, just a really bad person. David W. Breshears II doesn't know how to treat people with resepect or decency. David W. Breshears II has never provided me with a legitimate address to send him the legal documents I need him to sign regarding the transfer of his website. David W. Breshears II has never sent me any significant information about the actual structure of the company. David W. Breshears II stole the idea of self auto repair from a lot of really good peaple. David W. Breshears II just stands on the shoulders of others, waves his armes around, and claims to have created the universe. David W. Breshears II talks about being a very religious person but David W. Breshears II doesn't know that God has a very special place for him to go when he dies.